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The University System Office has been delegated the authority and direct responsibility to manage all aspects of the classification plan, including the maintenance of written specifications and examination materials for each class title in the classification plan. Accordingly, the University System Office shall routinely make revisions and changes to the classification plan based on standard classification plan management principles and objectives. Other University System employers and/or constituency groups can formally submit proposals for classification plan revisions to the Executive Director in accordance with procedural standards.

UPDATED 6/25/2018
The classifications in the following list have been suggested for revision in conjunction with the revised Principal Administrative Appointment Exemption Procedure Manual. This core group of classifications will be revised in the next 2-6 months. The list will change based on needs of employers and employees. We will follow standard classification/examination revisions practices for each classification series. Some of the classifications listed will become part of our Custom Classification group (Special Group) which provides additional flexibility and hiring protocols.
Please click here for the classification list.

UPDATED 4/26/2018
Please click here for the Exemption Procedures Manual effective October 1, 2018.

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