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1.1 Overview

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Classification Specification and Examination Maintenance

The University System Office has been delegated the authority and direct responsibility to manage all aspects of the classification plan, including the maintenance of written specifications and examination materials for each class title in the classification plan.  Accordingly, the University System Office shall routinely make revisions and changes to the classification plan based on standard classification plan management principles and objectives.  Other University System employers and/or constituency groups can formally submit proposals for classification plan revisions to the Executive Director in accordance with procedural standards.

Each classification shall have written specifications that typically include:

  1. the class title;
  2. the class code;
  3. a general statement of position function;
  4. a listing of characteristic duties and responsibilities;
  5. a listing of minimum acceptable qualifications, including any special licenses or certificates required by state or federal laws, and;
  6. a listing of additional desirable qualifications.

Each classification shall have a corresponding examination, with a designated probationary period considered as the final examination component.  Examinations consist of one or more of the following components:

  1. performance/aptitude questions
  2. essay/written questions
  3. review/rating of credentials (education/experience and license/certificates)
  4. skills measurement, such as a keyboarding test
  5. physical ability assessment
  6. conscientiousness assessment
  7. personality characteristic assessment
  8. oral interview and presentation

This manual is intended to provide information on the administration and development of classification specifications and examinations, including the process for submission of proposed revisions by employers and/or constituency groups, the overall classification plan management process, and related communication protocols.   All classification specification/examination revisions and proposals for revisions are reviewed by the Executive Director, and subject to Merit Board review.

Issued 6/1/2009