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3.3 Implementation of Change-In-Title Procedures and Actions

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Change-In-Title

Employers are required to submit formal written requests before utilizing any CIT procedure, providing detailed justification for each action.  The University System’s Executive Director or designee must approve and authorize all Change-In-Title requests prior to implementation.

In all instances, personnel transactions in accordance with CIT procedures are required and considered statutory. The following guidelines shall apply to all incumbents affected by the implementation of CIT procedures, and corresponding personnel actions:

  1. Movement or transition to a ‘new’ classification is considered to be at a comparable level, irrespective of the salary range or other compensation components.
  2. Seniority accrued in the 'old' class is transferred to the 'new' class on the effective date of the transaction.
  3. The incumbent's employment status (provisional or certified) in the 'old' class is carried over to the 'new' class.
  4. The incumbent's probationary period status is carried over to the 'new' class.
  5. The incumbent's salary must be maintained at the current level.
  6. Pay rate/range approval for the 'new' classification(s) must be obtained prior to implementation of CIT procedures and actions.
  7. A Notice of Employment or similar documentation shall be issued to all incumbents whose positions are changed by CIT procedures with the notation: "Change-In-Title – Policy # _____".

Reference 110 ILCS 70/36d (West 2003) & 80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.30 (2003)
Revised 11/14/2007