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4.3 Authorization Process

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Specialized Positions

All requests for specialty factors must be submitted in advance and approved by the Executive Director, or designee, of the University System Office before any personnel or employment action is taken. Requests for a specialty factor may be submitted for positions that are either currently filled or vacant. In submitting requests for a specialty factor, the employer shall provide the following information (see Form 4.3a):

  1. The form, Request for Specialty Factor (see Form 4.3a), must be completed and submitted to the University System Office.
  2. A copy of the complete job description, demonstrating the knowledge, skills, abilities or other worker characteristics considered necessary for satisfactory performance in the position, must be included.
  3. If the position is vacant, a description of the current register for the classification must be included.
  4. Form 4.3a must include an explanation of the justification for the request, indicating the applicability of the requested specialty factors to the designated position. The justification must show:
    1. how the specialty factor is directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the position, and
    2. why possession of the specialty factor is necessary for satisfactory performance.


In certain instances, and in accordance with other defined employment protocols, employers are specifically empowered to assign specialty factors to positions within designated classifications. Formal authorization is not required in these instances. However, all specialty factor designations shall be assigned in accordance with these procedures and other applicable employment protocols. All specialty factor designations are subject to audit review. Employers are not required to secure formal authorization to assign specialty factors to positions in the classifications listed on the Custom Classes page.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.60(d)(9)
Revised 10/15/2018