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4.4 Specialized Position Certification

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Specialized Positions

Specialized position certification is the process of referral and appointment of only those candidates, who possess both the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications (MAQs) and the designated specialty factor, to a vacant position or a current incumbent with an authorized specialty factor attachment. Following are some additional guidelines when utilizing specialized position certification and referring candidates from the register for that classification to a vacant position with an approved specialty factor:

  1. The employer shall establish protocols to determine which candidates from the employment register possess the required specialty factor.
  2. Those candidates from the top three scores who possess both the MAQs and the authorized specialty factor are referred to the employing department for consideration.
  3. The standard order of register precedence shall be maintained, in accordance with section 250.60(c) of the Illinois Administrative Code (80 Ill. Adm. Code ยง250.60(c)): reemployment register, promotional register, and original entry register.
  4. Interest letters designating the required specialty factor should be sent to eligible candidates from the employment register.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.60(d)(9)
Revised 11/8/2015