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5.4 Changing a Principal Administrative Appointment (PAA) to a Civil Service Position

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Position Control

Periodic job description review and update procedures may indicate that a position originally identified as a Principal Administrative Appointment (PAA) may have incorrectly been classified or may have changed to the point whereby a department now must convert this position, and any employee currently in this position, to an identified and appropriate Civil Service classification. The following procedure will assist each Employer in converting positions, and any employee currently occupying these positions, from a PAA position to a Civil Service position.

When it has been determined and established that the job responsibilities and duties of a position do not meet the criteria for a 36(e)(3) exemption, the Employer may or may be required to change the position from a PAA to an appropriate Civil Service appointment in a recognized classification, in accordance with the following process.

Establishment of Appropriate Civil Service Position

  1. The Employer will determine the appropriate Civil Service classification based on the defined duties and responsibilities associated with the position.
  2. The Employer will then establish a pay rate or range for the classification, if one has not already been established. (Note: The classification of positions remains subject to audit review by the System Office.)
  3. The position will then be officially changed to reflect the appropriate Civil Service classification and all relevant employment protocols will be followed when filling any future vacancy in this position.

NOTE: For additional information, refer to the Exemption Procedures Manual, Section 5.2

Issued 2/3/2003