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1.2 Submission of Proposed Revisions

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Classification Specification and Examination Maintenance

A University System employer, designated advisory group, an employee in conjunction with the State Universities Civil Service Advisory Committee, or employee representative groups may submit a proposal to revise the classification plan.

Proposals to revise the classification plan shall be formally drafted utilizing 1.2a – Request to Revise Classification Specification/Examination and must be submitted to the University System Office for review.  Detailed instructions for the completion and submission of Form 1.2a are attached to the form.

Proposals that affect, or may affect, employees who are members of a collective bargaining unit with whom the employer conducts negotiations shall contain certification by the Designated Employer Representative (DER) that appropriate union officials have been officially informed of the proposal at the time of submission to the University System Office.

The Merit Board has delegated to the University System Office, and its Executive Director, the responsibility and authority to administer the classification plan, which includes a standard review and assessment process.  These standard administrative reviews and assessments are conducted with assistance from each employer in conjunction with designated human resource officials, department administrators (other subject matter experts), various advisory groups, and various employee representatives and may result in periodic classification plan modifications.  These routine University System Office modifications are not subject to this formal change request process.

The University System Office will provide proper notification of proposed classification plan revisions and any final action taken regarding such proposals.  Example 1.2b – Notice of Specification/Examination Revision and Example 1.2c – Final Status Notice provide a sample of the basic classification plan revision notices.

Classification plan activities, including class reviews, proposals, and various formal notifications can be accessed and tracked at the State Universities Civil Service System website,

Revised 5/16/2012