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1.5 Certification

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Establishment of Registers, Maintenance of Registers, and Certification from Registers

Certification is the act of referring candidates from a register for consideration for employment when a vacancy occurs and the date of certification is established (closing of the registers). See Examples 1.5a, 1.5b, and 1.5c.

  1. Candidates on the Reemployment register, one at a time, shall be referred first and offered employment on the basis of seniority.
  2. Once the Reemployment register has been processed, the Promotional register shall be processed and then the Original Entry register.
  3. In the absence of a Reemployment register, an employing department shall have the choice of the candidates possessing the top three available scores.
  4. When ties in scores exist, all available candidates with the tied score shall be certified.
  5. When certifying multiple vacancies in the same class on the same day, the DER certifies from the register those names that possess the top three scores. If an employing department does not have at least three candidates from the top three scores, the candidates from the next highest score shall be certified. An employing department shall be able to always interview at least three candidates.
  6. A candidate certified to more than one position of more than one class would be required to qualify for certification by being one of the candidates possessing one of the top three scores on the register for each of the classes involved at the time of referral.
  7. The employer shall conduct an interview with and consider all candidates certified from the register prior to making a recommendation for selection. Except that a single selecting official for the employer shall not be required to interview more than once the same candidate, as currently certified from the register, for a position of the same class.
  8. When there are no available candidates on a register, an applicant may be employed provisionally, pending examination. The person provisionally employed shall be given the opportunity to apply for the examination. Should a provisional employee fail the examination, he/she may remain in the position to which assigned providing no candidate becomes available for appointment.
  9. Referral dates shall be a matter of record and subject to review during the audit process. Referral action may be recorded by use of a Certification of Appointment form.
  10. Short-term call-backs from Reemployment Registers. In the case of immediate needs for short-term recall (5 days or less) of laid-off employees, inability to contact an individual results in a by-pass, and does not count as one of the three offers of appointment. However, it does permit the employer to pass up a name entitled to be recalled. That is, the employer cannot be held up on call-backs because they cannot reach the individual called within a time span which will meet operational needs.

    An employee on layoff should always keep the employer informed if he/she cannot be reached for any extended period of time. Call-backs which occur during this period will not be counted against offers of status employment, but, of course, will permit the name to be by-passed and can result in another employee passing him/her in service or seniority.

Example 1.5c. provides several register examples when referring the top three scores.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.60(d)
Issued 5/11/2016