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2.2 Temporary Appointments

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Nonstatus Appointments

Temporary Appointments may be made for NOT MORE THAN THREE MONTHS:  they may be extended up to a MAXIMUM OF SIX MONTHS, LESS ONE DAY, only with prior approval by the Executive Director.  A temporary appointee upon reaching the maximum shall be terminated and cannot resume employment in any Temporary Appointment in the same class until 30 calendar days have elapsed.

Individual requests for approval of extension shall include employee’s name, classification, initial date of Temporary Appointment, date to which extension is requested (as appropriate), and specific justification.  Approvals of extensions are made by endorsement on letters of request.

Employees on Temporary Appointments may be terminated with a Termination Notice.  An employee on a Temporary Appointment may wish to resign, in which case the Resignation form shall be used.

Revised 11/25/2009