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2.4 Classification Appeals

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Classification of Positions

It is expected that classification programs will be conducted in such a manner that appeals of classification actions are kept to an absolute minimum, and resolved by the DER if at all possible. When unable to be satisfactorily resolved by the DER, the Executive Director of the University System, if requested, shall conduct a classification review and issue a final classification decision.

It has been a long-standing policy of the System that an employee has the right to have the classification of his/her position reviewed for proper classification. Accordingly, the following procedure will be followed upon receipt of correspondence from an employee, or his/her designee, concerning the proper classification of his/her position:

  1. A copy of the letter will be sent to the DER requesting information concerning the action to be taken. In the event the employee has exhausted his/her administrative remedies with the Employer, the DER will be asked to furnish:
    1. a copy of the current job description bearing the signature of both the employee and the employee’s supervisor and the date signed;
    2. a current organizational chart of the employee’s office or unit showing the chain-ofcommand from two levels above the employee to all those reporting to the employee;
    3. copies of all notes taken during desk audits of the position, together with the Employer’s analyses and decisions made as a result thereof; and
    4. any other information pertinent to the classification of the position.
  2. A letter will be sent to the employee acknowledging receipt of the classification appeal request.
  3. If the DER advises that the employee has not exhausted administrative appeal remedies, a letter will be sent to the employee advising that no further action will be taken until such time as all administrative appeal remedies have been exhausted.
  4. Upon notification by the DER that the employee has exhausted all administrative appeal remedies, the Executive Director then assumes responsibility for the classification of that position with respect to the classification appeal request.
  5. Should additional information be requested of either party at any time during the review of the position, an informational copy of the request will be sent to the other party.
  6. Upon completion of the review and classification determination by the Executive Director:
    1. the employee will be notified of the decision in those cases in which the employee's current classification is determined to be correct. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the DER.
    2. the DER will be notified of the decision in those cases where the employee's current classification is determined to be incorrect, together with a copy of the Classification Review Analysis. The employee will also be notified of the decision.
  7. In the event the Executive Director's determination will result in an upward reclassification or reallocation of the position occupied by the employee, such classification change shall be reflected on the next prepared payroll, and shall become effective retroactive to the date it would have been effected had the employer's initial classification determination been favorable.

NOTE:  Classification appeals are to be dis­tinguished from appeals of action or omission of action by DERs that are reviewable under section 250.130 of the Illinois Administrative Code (Code) (80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.130)).  In accordance with Section 36d(1) of the State Universities Civil Service Act (110 ILCS 36d(1)), and section 250.140(a) of the Code (80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.140(a)), the Merit Board has delegated to the Executive Director the authority and responsibility to act on behalf of the Merit Board with respect to the assignment of positions to classes.  As a result, the Executive Director's classification review determination becomes the final administrative decision by the Merit Board Office with respect to the classification of positions; therefore, further review under section 250.130(b) of the Code (80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.130(b)) is not appropriate.

(Reference 80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.30)
Revised 5/16/2012