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3.1 Change-In-Title Procedures

Manual: Classification Plan Management

Subsection: Change-In-Title

General Overview

The State Universities Civil Service Act (Act) (110 ILCS 70/36b et seq.) has generally been interpreted to require that whenever an employee is appointed to a different class, the employee must take and pass the civil service examination for that class, regardless of whether the transaction involves the reclassification or reallocation of the employee’s present position, or whether the employee fills a vacant position.  However, there are certain occasions when it is administratively desirable, and operationally necessary, for an employee to change classes without examination providing the spirit and intent of the Act is not violated, such as in a Change-In-Title (CIT) transaction.  Section 36d of the Act (110 ILCS 36/d) authorizes the Executive Director to implement and maintain a classification plan, which includes properly assigning positions to the appropriate classification based on an analysis of the position description, defining the respective duties and responsibilities associated to each classification based on current occupational trends, and the development of appropriate employment protocols for each classification.  This statutory authority therefore requires a routine system wide review and update of various components related to this complex classification plan.

Accordingly, there may be occasions when positions are subject to CIT procedures, and subsequent personnel transactions will be implemented for incumbents in those positions.  Such personnel transactions, as required and authorized by the University System Office, shall take precedence should there be some perceived conflict with other designated procedural elements.  For example, through routine classification plan revisions and CIT procedures, positions may be moved to classifications with lower pay potential than the current classification.  The application of the demotion procedures to this statutorily authorized classification revision, and subsequent use of the CIT procedure, would therefore be inappropriate and not applicable.  The demotion procedures would not supersede the statutorily authorized classification plan revision and could not be applied in this instance.

Reference 110 ILCS 70/36d & 80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.30 (2003)
Revised 11/14/2007