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Annual Report

On behalf of the State Universities Civil Service System, we respectfully submit our 67th Annual Report. This Report provides an overview of our business operations, an analysis and update of our many programs/initiatives, and a brief description of our FY 2019 agency action plan. Our business objectives remain consistent with our statutory directive, our mission, and our purpose. This Report again demonstrates our commitment and effort to incorporate many "best practice" human resource concepts into our operational procedures and to modernize the overall delivery of human resource services to the State of Illinois public university system.

Our operational philosophy is built on the principles of collaboration and teamwork. This approach has enabled us to build better relationships, achieve a more universal commitment to mission and purpose, and achieve real positive change and efficiencies in our business operations. As our mission statement indicates, we strive to champion excellence in education and auxiliary programs by providing a comprehensive foundation of human resource practices and standards that facilitate the recruitment, retention, and development of a quality staff, in support of the teaching and research mission of our many excellent universities and affiliated agencies.


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