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Job Details

This posting is no longer active.

Admissions and Records Officer

University/Agency: Western Illinois University
Civil Service Classification: Admissions and Records Officer
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Posting Duration: 9/29/2017 - 10/13/2017
Probation Period: 6 months

Job Description

Employees at this level direct credentials evaluation, student academic records preparation and analysis,
or student registration work and/or serve as a professional specialist in admissions, registration, or records


1. serves as supervisor within the admissions, records, or registration functions; trains staff in assigned
2. serves as specialist within the admissions, records, or registration functions
3. interprets admissions, registration, and records policies and procedures
4. counsels and advises on university academic requirements
5. cooperates with college and/or university boards or committees pertaining to admissions,
registration, and/or records policies and procedures; represents department on various committees
6. actively recruits and participates in the orientation of prospective students
7. evaluates and processes intra- and inter-institutional transfers
8. composes written materials related to assigned duties; participates in the planning and formulation
of departmental procedures, manuals, etc.
9. conducts research studies and prepares reports
10. enters data into student information systems
11. performs duties of previous level in series, as required
12. performs other related duties as assigned




Admissions and Records Officer

Contact Information

University/Agency: Western Illinois University
   Department/College: Human Resources
Contact: Melinda McFadden
Phone Number: 309-298-1971
Address: Western Illinois University
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455