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Statute and Rules

Section 250.10 Purpose, Adoption, and Amendment of Rules

  1. Purpose. The purpose of this Part is to give effect to the provisions of House Bill 831, as passed by the 67th General Assembly (an Act to create a classified civil service system to be known as the State Universities Civil Service System). This Part shall be applied in accordance with the purposes of this Act as follows:
    1. To establish a sound program of personnel administration and to promote efficiency and economy in the services performed by the Illinois Community College Board, Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, State Universities Civil Service System, State Universities Retirement System, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and the Board of Higher Education.
    2. To provide equal opportunity for all, equal pay for equal work, and career opportunities comparable to those in business and industry, which will attract outstanding personnel to the State university service.
  2. Adoption and Amendment of the Rules.
    1. This Part shall be known as Civil Service Rules.
    2. They become effective upon adoption by the Merit Board and ten days following their filing with the Secretary of State.
    3. They may be amended at any time by majority vote of the Merit Board.
  3. Policies and Procedures. The Merit Board shall adopt and enforce policies and procedures for carrying out the provisions of this Part and those of the statute. It shall supply appropriate forms for all personnel transactions required under this Part or the policies and procedures adopted under their authority.

(Source: Amended at 20 Ill. Reg. 4440, effective February 29, 1996)