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Statute and Rules

Section 250.20 The State Universities Civil Service System and its Divisions

  1. Classification and Allocation. All staff positions at the Illinois Community College Board, Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, State Universities Civil Service System, State Universities Retirement System, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and the Board of Higher Education, except those positions specifically exempted by Section 36e of the statute, are subject to classification functions as described in Section 250.30.
  2. Other Personnel Functions. All positions in the institutions and agencies covered by the statute, except those exempted by Section 36e of the statute, are subject to the examination, appointment, and other personnel functions described under Sections 250.40 through 250.150 inclusive.
  3. Designation of Persons to Act for Employer. Each employer governed by the statute and by this Part shall, from time to time, as requested by the Director, file with the Director the name or names of those administrative officials of the employer who have been designated by the employer to act as its representative or representatives for the coordination of its acts and the exercise of its responsibilities in matters relating to the statute and this Part.

(Source: Amended at 20 Ill. Reg. 4440, effective February 29, 1996)