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The System Office is required to maintain written class specifications, as approved by the Merit Board, for each class in the classification plan. Each specification includes the class title, the function of the position, characteristic duties and responsibilities, minimum acceptable qualifications, including any special licenses or certificates required by state or federal laws, and additional desirable qualifications.

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Accountant I


Occupational Area
Accountant II 0011 Professional
Accountant III 0012 Professional
Accountant-Statistician 0035 Semi-Professional
Accounting Associate 5000 Professional
Accreditation and Regulatory Specialist 4999 Managerial
Administrative Aide 0058 Semi-Professional
Administrative Assistant 0171 Managerial
Administrative Assistant II 0172 Managerial
Administrative Nurse I 2700 Professional
Administrative Nurse II 2701 Professional
Administrative Nurse III 2702 Professional
Admissions and Records Officer 2756 Semi-Professional
Admissions and Records Representative 2755 Semi-Professional
Admissions and Records Supervisor 2757 Semi-Professional
Admissions/Records Specialist I 3748 Semi-Professional
Admissions/Records Specialist II 3749 Semi-Professional
Adult Education Community Coordinator 4527 Semi-Professional
Advanced Intra-Operative Monitoring Specialist 4105 Semi-Professional
Aesthetician 4300 Professional
Aircraft Maintenance Manager 4673 Managerial
Animal Imaging Coordinator 4668 Semi-Professional
Animal Imaging Specialist 4667 Semi-Professional
Animal Imaging Technician 4665 Semi-Professional
Animal Imaging Technologist 4666 Semi-Professional
Applications Analyst 0104 Semi-Professional
Applications Programmer I 0116 Semi-Professional
Applications Programmer II 0117 Semi-Professional
Applications Programmer III 0103 Semi-Professional
Archaeological Technician 3853 Semi-Professional
Architect I 0140 Professional
Architect II 0141 Professional
Architect III 0142 Professional
Architectural Draftsman I 1194 Professional
Architectural Draftsman II 1195 Professional
Architectural Superintendent 3326 Professional
Arena Facilities Supervisor 3495 Semi-Professional
Assembly Hall Physical Facilities Supervisor 3437 Semi-Professional
Assistant Auditorium Technical Director 1031 Semi-Professional
Assistant Buildings and Grounds Supervisor 3448 Managerial
Assistant Bursar 0629 Professional
Assistant Chief Accountant 0023 Professional
Assistant Chief Broadcasting Engineer 1320 Semi-Professional
Assistant Chief Hemodialysis Technologist 4505 Semi-Professional
Assistant Chief Instructional Media Systems Engineer 1342 Semi-Professional
Assistant Comptroller 0862 Managerial
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 1065 Managerial
Assistant Director of Arena 1069 Managerial
Assistant Director of Assembly Hall 1069 Managerial
Assistant Director of Clinical Support Operations 4661 Managerial
Assistant Director of Physical Plant 1119 Managerial
Assistant Director of University Student Center 1147 Managerial
Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer 4612 Managerial
Assistant Ethanol Plant Research Engineer 1349 Professional
Assistant Ethanol Plant Scientific Analyst 1351 Semi-Professional
Assistant Facilities Manager 2379 Managerial
Assistant Food Production Manager 2392 Managerial
Assistant Food Service Manager 2399 Managerial
Assistant Golf Course Grounds Superintendent 4835 Managerial
Assistant Instrument and Efficiency Engineer 1368 Semi-Professional
Assistant Legal Counsel 2255 Professional
Assistant Manager of Photographic Laboratory 2474 Semi-Professional
Assistant Payroll Manager 4068 Managerial
Assistant Records Management Officer 4556 Managerial
Assistant Superintendent of Building Maintenance 3347 Managerial
Assistant Superintendent of Building Services 3350 Managerial
Assistant Superintendent of Grounds 3382 Managerial
Assistant Supervisor of Medical Social Services 3730 Professional
Assistant to Comptroller 0370 Managerial
Assistant to Director of Physical Plant 0416 Managerial
Assistant to Director of Student Center 0420 Managerial
Assistant to Director of University Union 0420 Managerial
Assistant to Health Center Administrator 0040 Managerial
Assistant University Budget Officer 4733 Managerial
Associate Director for Illini Union/Housing Food Services 1053 Managerial
Associate Director of Auxiliary Enterprises 1071 Managerial
Associate Director of Publications 1121 Managerial
Athletic Business Manager 2324 Managerial
Athletic Communications Associate 5005 Professional
Auditorium Technical Director 1030 Semi-Professional
Automotive Parts Manager 2328 Managerial

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Benefits Counselor


Occupational Area
Benefits Manager 2463 Managerial
Benefits Officer 4812 Semi-Professional
Benefits Representative 4602 Semi-Professional
Benefits Service Supervisor 4604 Semi-Professional
Biomedical Engineer I 1313 Professional
Biomedical Engineer II 4548 Professional
Biomedical Engineering Technician I 4549 Semi-Professional
Biomedical Engineering Technician II 4550 Semi-Professional
Biomedical Engineering Technician III 4551 Semi-Professional
Bone Density Technician 0013 Semi-Professional
Broadcast Music Specialist 3754 Semi-Professional
Broadcast Music Specialist (Jazz) 4790 Semi-Professional
Broadcast News Specialist 4671 Semi-Professional
Broadcasting Engineer 1316 Semi-Professional
Broadcasting Program Assistant 0185 Semi-Professional
Budget Analyst I 4739 Semi-Professional
Budget Analyst II 4740 Professional
Budget Analyst III 4741 Professional
Building Automation Technician I 4663 Semi-Professional
Building Automation Technician II 4664 Semi-Professional
Buildings and Grounds Supervisor 3447 Managerial
Bursar 0628 Professional
Business Manager I 2375 Managerial
Business Manager II 2374 Managerial
Business/Administrative Associate 5010 Professional

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Campus Parking Manager


Occupational Area
Campus Planner I 0146 Professional
Campus Planner II 0147 Professional
Campus Planning Analyst 0100 Managerial
Campus Planning Coordinator 0923 Managerial
Cardiac Sonographer Manager 4783 Managerial
Cardiac Sonographer Specialist 4782 Semi-Professional
Cardiac Sonographer Technologist 4781 Semi-Professional
Cardiac Technologist I 4084 Semi-Professional
Cardiac Technologist II 4561 Semi-Professional
Cardiac Technologist III 4771 Semi-Professional
Cartographer 0689 Professional
Catering Supervisor 3460 Managerial
Central Stores Manager I 4623 Managerial
Central Stores Manager II 2465 Managerial
Certified Clinic Nurse 2705 Professional
Charge Nurse 2704 Professional
Chief Accountant 0017 Professional
Chief Architectural Draftsman 1198 Professional
Chief Broadcasting Engineer 1319 Semi-Professional
Chief Engineer 1333 Professional
Chief Engineering Draftsman 1216 Professional
Chief Health Care Utilization Review Coordinator 4573 Managerial
Chief Hemodialysis Technologist 4506 Semi-Professional
Chief Instructional Media Systems Engineer 1365 Semi-Professional
Chief Ophthalmic Technologist 4761 Semi-Professional
Child Care Resource Specialist 4730 Semi-Professional
Child Development Associate 0497 Semi-Professional
Child Development Supervisor 3474 Semi-Professional
Classification/Compensation Specialist I 4643 Managerial
Classification/Compensation Specialist II 4644 Managerial
Classification/Compensation Specialist III 4645 Managerial
Client Relations Representative I 4697 Semi-Professional
Client Relations Representative II 4698 Semi-Professional
Client Relations Representative III 4699 Semi-Professional
Client Relations Representative IV 4700 Managerial
Client Relations Representative V 4701 Managerial
Clinic Nurse 2703 Professional
Clinical Actor 4997 Semi-Professional
Clinical Exercise Physiologist 3050 Professional
Clinical Exercise Physiologist Supervisor 3058 Professional
Clinical Nursing Consultant I 0865 Professional
Clinical Nursing Consultant II 0866 Professional
Clinical Practice Data Analyst 4966 Managerial
Clinical Practice Data Analyst Coordinator 4968 Professional
Clinical Practice Data Analyst Specialist 4967 Managerial
Collection Assistant Manager 3284 Managerial
Collection Manager 3669 Managerial
Collection Representative 3282 Semi-Professional
Collection Specialist 3283 Semi-Professional
Commercial Artist I 0159 Semi-Professional
Commercial Artist II 0160 Semi-Professional
Communications Network Specialist I 4723 Semi-Professional
Communications Network Specialist II 4724 Semi-Professional
Communications Network Specialist III 4725 Semi-Professional
Communications Services Specialist I 4778 Semi-Professional
Communications Services Specialist II 4779 Semi-Professional
Communications Services Specialist III 4780 Semi-Professional
Communications Technician I 3901 Semi-Professional
Communications Technician II 3902 Semi-Professional
Communications Technician III 3903 Semi-Professional
Community Affairs Specialist I 3286 Managerial
Community Affairs Specialist II 3287 Managerial
Community Worker 4520 Semi-Professional
Compliance Officer 2766 Managerial
Comptroller 0899 Managerial
Computer Laboratory Coordinator 4813 Managerial
Construction Laborer 2210 Semi-Professional
Construction Laborer Foreman 1620 Semi-Professional
Construction Laborer Sub-Foreman 1860 Semi-Professional
Construction Project Coordinator I 1427 Professional
Construction Project Coordinator II 4650 Professional
Construction Superintendent 3330 Managerial
Continuing Education Community Coordinator 4527 Semi-Professional
Continuing Professional Education Meeting Planner 3052 Semi-Professional
Coordinator of Medical Transcription 4670 Managerial
Coordinator of Occupational Therapy Services 4130 Professional
Coordinator of Operations - The President's House 4687 Managerial
Coordinator of Physical Therapy Services 4136 Professional
Coordinator of Tenant Union Program 0951 Managerial
Copy Center Operator IV 4743 Managerial
Craft Shop Coordinator 4795 Semi-Professional
Crops Testing Specialist 4653 Professional
Curator of Anthropology I 4675 Semi-Professional
Curator of Anthropology II 4676 Semi-Professional
Curator of Anthropology III 4677 Semi-Professional
Curator of Art I 0982 Semi-Professional
Curator of Art II 0983 Semi-Professional
Curator of Art III 0984 Semi-Professional
Curator of Exhibits 4631 Semi-Professional
Customer Service Assistant 4807 Semi-Professional
Customer Service Representative 4808 Semi-Professional
Customer Service Specialist 4809 Semi-Professional
Cytotechnologist I 1000 Semi-Professional
Cytotechnologist II 1001 Semi-Professional

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Dental X-Ray Coordinator


Occupational Area
Dental X-Ray Technician I 3914 Semi-Professional
Dental X-Ray Technician II 3915 Semi-Professional
Departmental Information Supervisor 3475 Managerial
Deputy Director 1035 Managerial
Development Officer 4546 Managerial
Dietitian Nutritionist 4704 Professional
Digital Imaging Specialist I 4845 Semi-Professional
Digital Imaging Specialist II 4846 Semi-Professional
Direct Mail Manager 4732 Managerial
Director of Purchases 1127 Managerial
Director of Student Conduct Programs 4708 Managerial
Director of Student Publications 1144 Managerial
Draftsman 1188 Professional
DSCC Area Program Services Administrator 4696 Managerial
Duplicating Services Manager 4707 Managerial

E    [Return to Top]
Editorial Assistant


Occupational Area
Editorial Writer 4289 Semi-Professional
Education Center Operations Supervisor 3840 Managerial
Educational Program Evaluation Coordinator 0933 Semi-Professional
Electrical Construction Superintendent 3334 Professional
Electrocardiographic Technician 3936 Semi-Professional
Electroencephalographic Specialist 3950 Semi-Professional
Electroencephalographic Supervisor 3955 Semi-Professional
Electroencephalographic Technician 3945 Semi-Professional
Electron Microprobe Analyst 4500 Semi-Professional
Electron Microscope Technologist I 4087 Semi-Professional
Electron Microscope Technologist II 4088 Semi-Professional
Electron Microscope Technologist III 4089 Semi-Professional
Electron Microscope Technologist IV 4563 Semi-Professional
Electronics Engineer 1356 Semi-Professional
Electronics Engineering Assistant 0215 Semi-Professional
Electronics Technician 3966 Semi-Professional
Electronics Technician I 3964 Semi-Professional
Electronics Technician II 3965 Semi-Professional
Engineer 1300 Professional
Engineering Draftsman I 1212 Professional
Engineering Draftsman II 1213 Professional
Environmental Health & Safety Technician I 3988 Semi-Professional
Environmental Health & Safety Technician II 3989 Semi-Professional
Environmental Health & Safety Technician III 3990 Semi-Professional
Equal Opportunity Officer 4613 Managerial
Equipment Specialist I 4511 Semi-Professional
Equipment Specialist II 4512 Semi-Professional
Equipment Specialist III 4513 Semi-Professional
Estimator 1462 Semi-Professional
Ethanol Plant Operating Coordinator 4402 Semi-Professional
Ethanol Plant Operating Technician 4401 Semi-Professional
Ethanol Plant Research Engineer 1350 Professional
Ethanol Plant Scientific Analyst 1352 Semi-Professional
Events Administrator 0101 Managerial
Executive Chef 0728 Professional
Extension Program Coordinator 0929 Semi-Professional

F    [Return to Top]
Facilities Manager


Occupational Area
Farrier 1502 Semi-Professional
Field House Facilities Supervisor 3495 Semi-Professional
Financial Aid Adviser Coordinator 0053 Managerial
Financial Aid Adviser Manager 0054 Managerial
Financial Analyst/Planner Associate 4787 Professional
Financial Analyst/Planner Specialist 4788 Professional
Financial Analyst/Planner Supervisor 4789 Professional
Fitness and Aquatics Aide 0061 Semi-Professional
Food Production Manager 2390 Managerial
Food Service Administrator I 0036 Managerial
Food Service Administrator II 0037 Managerial
Food Service Administrator III 0038 Managerial
Food Service Administrator IV 0039 Managerial
Food Service Manager 2398 Managerial
Food Service Supervisor 3498 Managerial

G    [Return to Top]
Golf Course Grounds Superintendent


Occupational Area
Golf Course Pro-Shop Manager 2403 Managerial
Governmental Liaison Officer 4747 Professional
Graduate Placement Officer 2771 Semi-Professional
Graduate School Specialist 4798 Managerial
Grants and Contracts Associate 5040 Professional
Graphic Design Manager 3681 Managerial
Graphic Designer 1006 Managerial
Graphic Designer Assistant 1004 Semi-Professional
Graphic Designer Associate 1005 Semi-Professional

H    [Return to Top]
Health Care Administrator I


Occupational Area
Health Care Administrator II 0041 Managerial
Health Care Administrator III 0042 Managerial
Health Care Compliance Officer 2779 Managerial
Health Care Reimbursement Analyst I 4815 Professional
Health Care Reimbursement Analyst II 4816 Professional
Health Care Reimbursement Analyst III 4817 Professional
Health Care Utilization Review Coordinator 4572 Managerial
Health Center Administrator 4564 Managerial
Health Education Coordinator 4538 Professional
Hemapheresis Technologist 4832 Semi-Professional
Hemodialysis Technician 4504 Semi-Professional
Hemodialysis Technologist 4628 Semi-Professional
Home Economics Staff Assistant I 0240 Semi-Professional
Home Economics Staff Assistant II 0241 Semi-Professional
Home Economics Staff Assistant III 0242 Managerial
Horticulturist 2128 Professional
Housing Administrator 0046 Managerial
Housing Officer 0045 Managerial
Housing Representative 0044 Managerial
Human Resource Assistant Manager 2137 Managerial
Human Resource Associate 5020 Professional
Human Resource Manager 2138 Managerial
Human Resource Officer 2136 Semi-Professional
Human Resource Representative 2135 Semi-Professional

I    [Return to Top]
Immigration Specialist


Occupational Area
Industrial Hygienist 2152 Professional
Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator 4805 Professional
Infection Prevention and Control Professional 4804 Professional
Information Services Supervisor 3699 Managerial
Information Technology Assistant Manager 2421 Managerial
Information Technology Associate Director 1036 Managerial
Information Technology Director 1037 Managerial
Information Technology Manager 2422 Managerial
Information Technology Manager/Administrative Coordinator 5030 Professional
Information Technology Support Associate 5032 Professional
Information Technology Technical Associate 5031 Professional
Institutional Compliance Examiner I 1474 Professional
Institutional Compliance Examiner II 1475 Professional
Institutional Compliance Examiner III 1476 Professional
Institutional Compliance Examiner IV 1477 Professional
Institutional Research Data Coordinator 4522 Semi-Professional
Institutional Research Data Specialist 4560 Semi-Professional
Instructional Development Specialist 3289 Professional
Instrument and Efficiency Engineer 1367 Professional
Instrument and Measurement Technician I 3983 Semi-Professional
Instrument and Measurement Technician II 3984 Semi-Professional
Instrument and Measurement Technician III 3985 Semi-Professional
Insurance Risk Manager I 3706 Managerial
Insurance Risk Manager II 3705 Managerial
Intercollegiate Athletics Equipment Specialist 4797 Semi-Professional
Interior Decorator I 1007 Professional
Interior Decorator II 1008 Professional
Internal Auditor 0585 Professional
Internal Auditor Assistant Manager 4558 Professional
Internal Auditor Associate 0586 Professional
Internal Auditor Manager 4566 Professional
Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 2190 Semi-Professional
Intra-Operative Monitoring Coordinator 4106 Professional
Intra-Operative Monitoring Specialist 4104 Semi-Professional
Intramural and Recreation Coordinator 4660 Semi-Professional

L    [Return to Top]
Labor Relations Manager


Occupational Area
Labor Relations Specialist 4690 Managerial
Laboratory Animal Care Coordinator 0947 Managerial
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor 3710 Managerial
Laboratory Manager 2408 Managerial
Library Operations Associate 4904 Semi-Professional
Library Specialist 4902 Semi-Professional
Licensed Practical Nurse I 2735 Professional
Licensed Practical Nurse II 2736 Professional
Loan Service Officer I 2776 Semi-Professional
Loan Service Officer II 2777 Semi-Professional
Loan Service Officer III 2778 Semi-Professional
Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator 4828 Semi-Professional
Local Area Network (LAN) Support Specialist I 4826 Semi-Professional
Local Area Network (LAN) Support Specialist II 4827 Semi-Professional

M    [Return to Top]
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manager


Occupational Area
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist 3874 Semi-Professional
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist 3873 Semi-Professional
Mailing Services Manager 2419 Managerial
Mailing Services Supervisor I 3553 Managerial
Mailing Services Supervisor II 3552 Managerial
Mammography Manager 3859 Managerial
Mammography Specialist 3858 Semi-Professional
Mammography Technologist 3857 Semi-Professional
Manager of Institutional Audits 4814 Professional
Manager of Photographic Laboratory 2473 Semi-Professional
Manager of Sports Facilities 3685 Managerial
Manager of University Cashiering Operations 2502 Managerial
Marketing Associate 5004 Professional
Materials Technologist I 4093 Semi-Professional
Materials Technologist II 4734 Semi-Professional
Mechanical Construction Superintendent 3338 Professional
Media Technical Services Manager 2035 Semi-Professional
Media Writer/Producer/Announcer I 4521 Semi-Professional
Media Writer/Producer/Announcer II 4686 Semi-Professional
Medical Assistant (Credentialed/Certified) 4678 Semi-Professional
Medical Education Program Coordinator 4770 Managerial
Medical Insurance Assistant Manager 4584 Managerial
Medical Insurance Manager 2424 Managerial
Medical Office Coordinator 4963 Managerial
Medical Radiation Dosimetrist I 1184 Semi-Professional
Medical Radiation Dosimetrist II 1185 Semi-Professional
Medical Radiographer Manager 4014 Professional
Medical Radiographer Specialist 4587 Semi-Professional
Medical Radiographer Technologist I 4008 Semi-Professional
Medical Radiographer Technologist II 4009 Semi-Professional
Medical Social Assistant 0264 Professional
Medical Social Associate 4260 Professional
Medical Social Consultant 0876 Professional
Medical Sonographer Manager 4618 Managerial
Medical Sonographer Specialist 4617 Semi-Professional
Medical Sonographer Technologist 4616 Semi-Professional
Medical Staff Services Coordinator 4777 Managerial
Medical Transcriptionist IV 4718 Managerial
Member Service Representative I 4819 Semi-Professional
Member Service Representative II 4820 Semi-Professional
Member Service Representative III 4821 Semi-Professional
Member Service Representative IV 4842 Managerial
Mental Health Counselor I 4620 Semi-Professional
Mental Health Counselor II 4621 Semi-Professional
Meteorological Aide 0082 Semi-Professional
Microcomputer Coordinator 4825 Semi-Professional
Microcomputer Support Specialist I 4712 Semi-Professional
Microcomputer Support Specialist II 4713 Semi-Professional
Microcomputer Support Specialist III 4714 Semi-Professional
Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility Coordinator 4746 Semi-Professional
Multimedia Assistant 2510 Semi-Professional
Multimedia Communications Associate 2503 Semi-Professional
Multimedia Communications Specialist 2504 Semi-Professional
Multimedia Communications Supervisor 2505 Professional
Multimedia Operator 2511 Semi-Professional
Multimedia Supervisor 2513 Managerial
Multimedia Technician 2512 Semi-Professional
Museum Exhibits Designer 1010 Semi-Professional
Museum Instructor/Educator 4629 Professional
Museum Registrar 3158 Semi-Professional

N    [Return to Top]
Natural Science Technical Assistant


Occupational Area
Naturalist 2698 Semi-Professional
Network Engineer I 1387 Semi-Professional
Network Engineer II 1388 Semi-Professional
Network Engineer III 1389 Professional
Network Engineer IV 1390 Professional
Network Engineer V 1391 Professional
Night Supervisor of University Union 3838 Managerial
Nuclear Medicine Manager 4102 Managerial
Nuclear Medicine Specialist 4625 Semi-Professional
Nuclear Medicine Technologist 4101 Semi-Professional
Nurse Administrator 0066 Professional
Nurse Practitioner 3100 Professional
Nursing Consultant 0030 Professional

O    [Return to Top]
Occupational Therapist


Occupational Area
Occupational Therapy Assistant 4519 Semi-Professional
Occupational Therapy Specialist 4129 Professional
Ophthalmic Photographer I 3041 Semi-Professional
Ophthalmic Photographer II 3042 Semi-Professional
Ophthalmic Photographer III 3043 Semi-Professional
Ophthalmic Technician 4047 Semi-Professional
Ophthalmic Technologist 4760 Semi-Professional
Organizational Quality Coordinator 4975 Professional
Orthopedic Technician 0118 Semi-Professional
Orthopedic Technologist 0119 Semi-Professional

P    [Return to Top]
Paralegal Assistant


Occupational Area
Park Attendant 0558 Semi-Professional
Park Supervisor 1772 Semi-Professional
Payroll Manager 4069 Managerial
Pharmacist 3033 Professional
Pharmacy Supervisor 3570 Professional
Photographer 3037 Semi-Professional
Physical Science Technical Assistant 0290 Semi-Professional
Physical Therapist 4146 Professional
Physical Therapy Assistant 0293 Semi-Professional
Physical Therapy Specialist 4141 Professional
Physician's Assistant in Medicine 0346 Semi-Professional
Police Captain 3068 Managerial
Police Corporal 2787 Professional
Police Lieutenant 3076 Managerial
Police Major/Deputy Chief 2788 Managerial
Police Officer 3086 Professional
Police Sergeant 3081 Professional
Power Plant Mechanical Engineer 1420 Managerial
Principal Electronics Technician 3968 Semi-Professional
Principal Ophthalmic Photographer 3044 Semi-Professional
Principal Scientific Photographer 3048 Semi-Professional
Procurement Officer 0308 Managerial
Procurement Officer Assistant 0307 Managerial
Procurement Officer Specialist 0309 Managerial
Procurement Officer Supervisor 1128 Managerial
Program Administrative Assistant 0303 Semi-Professional
Program Assistant 5001 Professional
Program Coordinator 5002 Professional
Program Director 5003 Professional
Program Services Aide 4773 Semi-Professional
Program Services Specialist 4774 Professional
Program/Student Advisor 0055 Professional
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse 2738 Professional
Public Function Supervisor 3582 Managerial
Public Information Associate 5006 Professional
Publications Editor 1256 Professional
Publications Manager 4803 Managerial
Publicity-Promotion Associate 5007 Professional
Pulmonary Function Technologist I 4592 Semi-Professional
Pulmonary Function Technologist II 4593 Semi-Professional
Pulmonary Function Technologist III 4594 Semi-Professional

Q    [Return to Top]
Quality Specialist


Occupational Area

R    [Return to Top]
Radiation Oncology Physicist


Occupational Area
Radiation Safety Officer 2791 Professional
Radiation Safety Technician 4576 Semi-Professional
Radio Station Production Supervisor 3574 Semi-Professional
Records Management Officer 4555 Managerial
Recycling Coordinator 4719 Managerial
Reimbursement Coding Coordinator 4841 Managerial
Reimbursement Coding Representative 4839 Semi-Professional
Reimbursement Coding Specialist 4840 Semi-Professional
Research Engineering Assistant 0325 Semi-Professional
Research Laboratory Shop Supervisor 3587 Managerial
Research Nurse 2742 Professional
Research Technologist I 4524 Semi-Professional
Research Technologist II 4525 Semi-Professional
Research Technologist Manager 4526 Semi-Professional
Respiratory Care Administrative Director 4125 Managerial
Respiratory Care Therapy Manager 4124 Managerial
Respiratory Care Therapy Specialist 4123 Semi-Professional
Respiratory Care Therapy Technologist 4147 Semi-Professional
Retail Assistant Manager 3879 Managerial
Retail Manager 3889 Managerial
Retail Services Supervisor 3588 Managerial
Retail Supervisor 3878 Semi-Professional

S    [Return to Top]
Safety Officer I


Occupational Area
Safety Officer II 2793 Semi-Professional
Safety Officer III 0930 Semi-Professional
Scientific Artist 0170 Semi-Professional
Scientific Photographer I 3045 Semi-Professional
Scientific Photographer II 3046 Semi-Professional
Scientific Photographer III 3047 Semi-Professional
Senior Applications Analyst 0105 Semi-Professional
Senior Electronics Technician 3967 Semi-Professional
Senior Engineer 1301 Professional
Senior Events Administrator 0102 Managerial
Senior Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 2191 Semi-Professional
Senior Labor Relations Specialist 4691 Managerial
Senior Library Specialist 4903 Semi-Professional
Senior Photographer 3038 Semi-Professional
Senior Quality Specialist 4974 Managerial
Service Enterprises Manager 3596 Managerial
Social Work Aide I 4599 Professional
Social Work Aide II 4600 Professional
Social Work Aide III 4601 Professional
Space Administrator III 0050 Managerial
Special Education Teacher (Hearing Impaired) Assistant 0331 Semi-Professional
Special Education Teacher (Physically Disabled) Assistant 0332 Semi-Professional
Special Education Teacher (Visually Impaired) Assistant 0333 Semi-Professional
Special Events Facilitator 1499 Semi-Professional
Speech and Hearing Consultant 0896 Professional
Speech Pathologist I 3030 Professional
Speech Pathologist II 3032 Professional
Staff Nurse I 2740 Professional
Staff Nurse II 2741 Professional
Stage Foreman 3437 Semi-Professional
Statistician 3300 Semi-Professional
Statistician Specialist 3301 Semi-Professional
Student Conduct Advisor 4764 Professional
Study Abroad Advisor 1049 Semi-Professional
Study Abroad Assistant Director 1048 Semi-Professional
Superintendent of Building Maintenance 3346 Managerial
Superintendent of Building Services 3349 Managerial
Superintendent of Buildings 3354 Managerial
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 3360 Managerial
Superintendent of Grounds 3381 Managerial
Superintendent of Operations 3401 Managerial
Superintendent of Print Shop 3421 Managerial
Superintendent of Utilities 3435 Managerial
Supervising Electrocardiographic Technician 3937 Semi-Professional
Supervisor of Clinical Pathology Laboratory 3666 Semi-Professional
Supervisor of Medical Social Services 3729 Professional
Supervisor of Rehabilitation Equipment & Facilities 3802 Managerial
Supervisor of Residential Custodial Operations 3805 Managerial
Supervisor of University Union Operations 3840 Managerial
Systems Administrator I 0062 Semi-Professional
Systems Administrator II 0063 Semi-Professional
Systems Administrator III 0064 Semi-Professional
Systems Administrator IV 0065 Semi-Professional
Systems Programmer I 3150 Semi-Professional
Systems Programmer II 3151 Semi-Professional
Systems Programmer III 3152 Semi-Professional

T    [Return to Top]
Teacher Aide


Occupational Area
Teaching Consultant 0898 Professional
Technical Editor 1259 Semi-Professional
Technical Service Supervisor 3619 Semi-Professional
Television Broadcast Equipment Operator 2997 Semi-Professional
Television Director-Producer 1055 Semi-Professional
Television Master Control Room Supervisor 3617 Semi-Professional
Television Production Coordinator 0936 Semi-Professional
Television Program/Operations Coordinator 0937 Semi-Professional
Television Traffic and Continuity Supervisor 4534 Semi-Professional
Tennis Pro-Shop Manager 2453 Managerial
Test Specialist 4806 Semi-Professional
Ticket Sales Supervisor 0069 Managerial
Traffic Manager 2457 Managerial
Training and Development Specialist I 4693 Managerial
Training and Development Specialist II 4694 Managerial
Transportation Assistant Manager 4662 Managerial
Transportation Manager 3621 Managerial
Trauma Registrar 3160 Semi-Professional

U    [Return to Top]
University Budget Officer


Occupational Area
University Food Service Director 1053 Managerial

V    [Return to Top]
Vascular Sonographer Manager


Occupational Area
Vascular Sonographer Specialist 4785 Semi-Professional
Vascular Sonographer Technologist 4784 Semi-Professional
Vending Services Manager I 2459 Managerial
Vending Services Manager II 2460 Managerial
Veterinary Technician (General) 4080 Semi-Professional
Veterinary Technician I 4847 Semi-Professional
Veterinary Technician II 4848 Semi-Professional
Veterinary Technician III 4849 Managerial

W    [Return to Top]
Web Specialist I


Occupational Area
Web Specialist II 3307 Semi-Professional
Web Specialist III 3308 Semi-Professional