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Study Guide: Proofreading
QuestionQuestion 1 out of 20

Directions: The Salary Table is used to answer the questions in this section. On the left is the original table and on the right is a copy that may contain errors. Compare the copy to the original, and for each line determine how many columns in the copy contain errors.

Original Copy
1. 4630$425.50$959.89$311.12 4630$425.50$995.89$311.21
2. 3582$541.43$799.79$3643.54 3582$451.34$799.79$3643.54
3. 0198$1,091.33$2,082.51$3,185.63 1089$1,019.33$2,082.51$3,815.63

How many errors are in line 1?

Answers  (Select the one best answer below)
A. There are no errors; both entries are exactly the same.
B. There is an error in 1 column.
C. There are errors in 2 columns.
D. There are errors in 3 columns.

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