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What is a Class Specification?

The class specification outlines the characteristic duties and responsibilities of each position, as well as the qualifications/credentials required for taking the examination. To view the class specification for any class title, click on Class Specifications. You can view and/or search for class titles on our Class Specifications page. Once the list of titles appears, click on the title you wish to view and you will be taken to the Class Details page. On this page, you can view class specification by clicking on one of the Class Spec icons.

Example: Search for Office Support titles.

  • Click on Class Specifications.
  • In the "Search Criteria" box, type "Office" and hit Enter.
  • All classification titles with "Office" will be displayed.
  • Click on an individual title for additional information.
  • Click on the "View the Class Spec" icon to retrieve information on the class specification. This is where you find characteristic duties and qualifications for the class title.